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Here’s a bit of my story:

Over the last several years, God has put a raw determination into me to find work that I love, which makes a difference for others. I stress raw. The years of refining my aimless determination into focused passion have been bumpy to say the least. But I trust the Driver, and it has been a great ride so far.

My years of owning a small service business and an online business combined with a lifetime of service to my church and community are unique. God has blended them to give me a specialized set of skills to help you discover and do work that is both meaningful and profitable.  Now, I want to share my training, skills and passion with you.

Here’s what I want to share with you at this blog:

  • I want to help you and others walk more confidently with God in work and life.
  • Discovery- It means doing the hard, but rewarding, work of discovering what God’s purpose is for your life. (Don’t worry, we all have one and God WANTS us to discover it)
  • Planning-Then it means working a plan that moves toward doing that purpose every day.
  • DOING-He wants us to DO it even more than just discover it. This is where it gets fun. Fears are overcome, failure becomes learning and fruit results.

What is God-confident work?

God-confident work takes 1000 different forms across all kinds of work; from rising-star employee to free agent  business owner to missionary.  All these forms share a common shape:

  1. Doing deep-rooted work- Working in Gods strength and Gods purpose for Gods glory.
  2. Hope-filled work- Hope-filled work is work you love doing.  Work that impact lives.  Work you do with both boldness and humility.  Work you stick with till the end.
  3. Missional work– To me missional means sharing my hope. Out of the overflow of Jesus love for me, I impact the world. I do it for God’s glory and my joy.

So let me get practical. My blog posts will help you:

  • Examine the biblical roots of discovering your calling,
  • learn and do practical exercises to discover, plan, do work you love,
  • meet others who are already doing incredible, meaningful work and
  • learn my story so it may encourage you to go after your calling too.

I’m truly looking forward to getting to know you.  Together we can grow confidently into God’s best for us.


“That they may be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor.” Is 61:3

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