Career Resources: 48Days to the Work You Love

Some of my posts will be just my sharing resources with you that have helped me discover and do my calling.  Well, one of the best is Dan Miller and the folks at There is so much valuable content on finding and doing work you love, no matter what kind of info you like:

  • Great blogs
  • A 48 minute weekly podcast covering all things work related… and more
  • Tons of free materials
  • Great books, workbooks, career development tools and live events
  • An excellent social community at for you to connect with others seeking work they love
  • A list of great coaches in every specialty

I have been personally blessed to meet Dan, Joanne and the family in Tennessee for several of their live events.  They are genuinely caring people.

Here is more of the story about how Dan has influenced me from the point-0f-view of my service business.

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