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Speaking the language of the gospel with my Family

Yesterday i mentioned that sometimes speaking about the gospel to my family feels like a foreign language.  

Do this, don’t do that and lots of other rules and corrections are more commonly the dialogue language in our home.  


In an effort to change that, I thought of a simple way to practice speaking “Gospel” to my kids.  Yesterday i stopped each of my sons and said i wanted to tell them something awesome, pausing for effect…  


When they were sufficiently interested, i just told them John 3:16.  But not in the normal bible language, i tried to say it in everyday language so it sounded familiar but different enough to make them interested.



Here’s how it went:

Dad: Hey bud, wanna know something awesome?

Son (cautious and distracted): well, ok..

Dad (after a pause): Did you know that God, the guy who made everything and is the most powerful being in the universe, sent his 1 and only son, like you are my son, down here to earth.  It was not safe, enemy territory really.  It’d be like me dropping you in the middle of Iran. 

Son (kinda interested):  Huh…

Dad: Why did God do it, you ask??  (even if my son didn’t ask) Because He loves us.  Because Jesus agreed to come and show us the best way.  And guess what else, if we believe in the way Jesus shows us we will will never die but get eternal life as a gift from Him, did you know that kiddo???

Son (reccognizing John 3:16 ): sure i did,yeah i knew that… then walks away a little puzzled by his weird dad.




So that’s it.  The idea is to take common gospel scriptures and say them to my family in an uncommon way during normal life.  I need to remember the gospel, they need the gospel too.  Finally, getting the gospel deep into my normal life and language will help me to comfortably share the gospel with others.

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