Devotional Exercise: Peter’s Core Purpose and Yours

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To live your calling you must know your core purpose. It will be insight from God that speaks to your heart.  Over time, it will sustain you in good times and bad ones.

The apostle Peter knew his core purpose.  In fact, Jesus told him it 3 times for emphasis, “Peter, Feed my sheep”.

For this week’s devotional exercise, read, pray and study how Peter’s core purpose guided him the rest of his life.  Acts 1-14 tells many stories about him.  Also, read his letters,  1 & 2 Peter with that core purpose in mind.

In your journaling consider:

1. How did Peter knowing his core purpose guide him the rest of his life?

2. What does this teach you about knowing and doing your core purpose?

This devotional is part of an 8 week devotional series I have developed for my coaching clients to help them seek God during the coaching process.  If you would like a copy of the entire devotional  send me an e-mail request to

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