Why i must translate the gospel into at least 3 foreign languages in 2017

No i’m not talking about Chinese or Spanish or French.

In 2017 im challenged by God to translate the gospel into the 3 “foreign languages” of my heart, my family and my non-christian friends.

Why do i say these are foreign languages?  Because sadly enough, i rarely think or speak in terms of the gospel with these 3 peoples.  And when i do, it’s so muddled up with “Christianese” that it doesn’t speak to my normal life and normal experience.

I’m tired of saying i’m a Christian but living so oblivious to the wonder of the gospel.  God is calling me to translate the gospel from its dusty, comfortable place in my heart, into the precious pearl it really is and out into my real world life.

I think he wants me to do so by translating it into fresh, relevant language for my heart, my family and my non-christian friends.  Let me give a quick explaination:

  1. My heart-  I can so easily breeze through my devotional time and 10 minutes later i forget what i just read.  Instead, when i read a verse and try to translate the language into a more common way of talking, i’m engaged and hold on to it longer- sometimes even think about it all day.
  2. My family-  This one makes me so mad at me.  I can go weeks, no exageration, weeks without telling my wife and kids the good news of Jesus love for us.  Rather i get caught up in “parenting” them with lots of do’s and don’t and go to bed at night wondering why they don’t see christian faith as something real and special and meaningful.
  3. My non-christian friends-  Saved the worst for last!  Do i even keep in touch with many non-christian friends, or have they fell aside as i became more and more dug into the Christian world.  And when i do interact w/ them, am i comfortable chatting easily about the most important thing in the world, the gospel, heck no i’m scared to bring it up.  Why because the way i’d say it is to Christiany, the words that make sense to me and my christian friends are just jibberish to them.  If the gospel is really the best news for all mankind, i need to be able to say it in plain language.

So thats my challenge for 2017, 3 foriegn languages.  My fear is that it’s like my 2 years of Spanish in highschool.  I took the class but nowadays about all i can do is count to 10 and say a few colors, could’t actually talk to someone in Spanish.

My prayer is the simple, pure beautiful gospel of the crazy, sacrificing love of Jesus for the me, my family and my non-christian friends become fluent to me and good news to them.  Help me God!

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